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Along the Hibiscus Path
Jennah Sharpe
A tropical paradise, two adoring men.  Could things get any worse?
Breaking in Levi
Ann Cory
Can a good girl break in a bad boy on the run?
Butterfly Kisses
Ann Cory
Can a life-changing miracle occur from the act of a single kiss?
Diary of Dreams
Madison Layle
 A reclusive writer’s neighbor has a knack for knowing her darkest fantasies.
Burnin' Down Nash Vegas
Mia Romano
Country music was Bailey's passion.  Aaron's passion was Bailey Carson.
Cover Art- Five Alarm Neighbor
Five Alarm Neighbor
Anna Leigh Keaton
She can’t love a hero, but can she live without him?
Midnight Whispers
Anisa Damien
What happens when being friends-with-benefits isn't enough?

Bad Boy in Brooks Brothers
Nadia Aidan

He'll show her just how bad he really is.

Going Down
Kris Eton

Stuck in an elevator, could Sarah be falling for the office playboy?
One Day At A Time
Lyric James
To find love, all you need is one day at a time.

Risking It All
Anna Leigh Keaton

Love has a price... he must decide what he's willing to pay.

Melting the Ice Queen
Laura Miks

Writing about sex lands Kat in the steamiest scene of them all.
Anisa Damien
For some secret agents packing heat will never quench the thirst of passion.
One Week Stand
Lyric James
Can Evan convince Jasmine to turn their one night into forever?
One Night of Paradise
Anna Leigh Keaton
Can one night satisfy their hunger for each other?
Susan Greene
He’s a Hollywood heartthrob, but his martial arts coach leaves him starstruck.

Pay Per View
Thom Jaymes

Two men. One erotic secret. One weekend to explore.
Susan Greene
 What happens when a no-strings affair becomes the love of your life?
Janine's Hope- Cover Art
Janine's Hope
Taylor Voltaire

One mother’s hope. One daughter’s faith. One man’s love.

Healing Touch
Anna Leigh Keaton
He warms her body, and she frees his heart.

Oasis of my Heart
Tara Nichols

She was running from her past and he was hiding from his... can either find love again?

Triple Play
Jennifer McKenzie

Past hurt, present conflict, can an angel help Danielle and Christopher discover love?

Not My Brother's Keeper
Brandi Broughton

Love is thicker than blood when sibling rivalry leads to betrayal.

To Serve and Protect:
Rescue Me
Anna Leigh Keaton

He saved her life, but she was his salvation.

The Promise of Forever
Lyric James

A new life. A new job. One man offering the promise of forever.

Bawdy Talk
Ann Cory

A seductive voice. A dare. A night broadcasted for everyone to hear.

The Temp
Minx Malone
Suddenly she’s not just filing… work has never been so good.

Kris Eton

Can an avalanche reignite a hot high school crush?

The Deed
Christy Gissendaner
Can Christmas bring two old friends new hope and passion?

Special Delivery
Marie Rochelle

Who will win in their game of passion and love?

The Secret Santa Project
Lyric James

On a holiday he hated, the last thing he expected was a sexy Secret Santa.

To Serve and Protect:
Sweet Surrender
Anna Leigh Keaton

Her richest late-night fantasies couldn’t compare to the real thing.

Madison Layle

Entranced...where fear fades and sensual mastery begins.

Simply Decadent I:
A Gift of Chocolate
Lyric James

A magic elixir. A gift of chocolate. Valentine’s Day will never be the same.

Simply Decadent II:
Sweetest Desires
Anna Leigh Keaton

She captured his heart with a piece of chocolate.

Secrets of Summer
Tara S. Nichols

What happens when a secret crush can become a reality.

Touch Me
Jodici Belle

She could look to her heart's content, but not touch... could she?

Paid In Full
Moira Reid

She'll get more than she bargained for this Valentine's Day.

Her Will, His Way
Terri Molina

He seduced her with a dare but will he lose her with a lie?
Til Death We Do Part
Madison Layle &
Anna Leigh Keaton

His wife, his best friend. The fine line between love and honor.

To Trust A Wicked Man
Tierney O'Malley

One wicked man will do everything it takes to win his woman's trust.

Gospel of Love 1:
According to Luke
Jackie Barbosa

He doesn't believe in forever, but a night with the right woman will change his mind.

Christmas Spirits
Christy Gissendaner

A little spirit guidance this year will lead Kia to the love of her life.

Sin of the Past
L.A. Day

He'd walked away from her once but this time, he was staking his claim.

To Serve and Protect: 7 Dangerous Intentions
Anna Leigh Keaton

For him, she'll risk everything and break all the rules.

Loving Scrooge
Anna Leigh Keaton

Unconditional love and her spirit of Christmas can make even Scrooge believe.

Anna Leigh Keaton

All I Want for Christmas
Kelly Jamison

What can turn a disastrous Christmas into the best Christmas ever?

Something Blue
B.J. McCall

The wedding night isn't just for the bride and groom.

Gospel of Love:
According to Matthew
Jackie Barbosa

He's kicked his addiction to her once, but can he do it again?

Second Chances
Angeleque Ford
Can friendship mixed with unrequited passion equal happily ever after?

Roadside Strangers
Marie Rochelle

Two strangers meet and the passion that sparks between them will change both of their lives forever.

Miami Spice
Deborah Merrell

Sparks fly when Rachel falls prey to sexy to her sexy neighbor.

Inferno: Training Session
Anna Leigh Keaton

One powerful night delving into a different world will change their lives forever.

Stories in Ink: The Prowl
Morgan Sierra

Online romance becomes one night of in-person erotic pleasure.

One Good Man
Shara Azod

Sometimes all a woman really need is a good man.

Model Lover
Aubrey Leatherwood

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a touch is priceless…

Every Day Café
L.M. Whitman
A sensual game of cat and mouse isn't on the menu but she's game

The Dance
Kaye Spencer

He wants forever. She’s afraid to take the chance. A song makes all the difference.

Morgan Sierra

Will they be able to let him go after the tryst of their fantasies?
For Her
Rachel Clark

He'll claim his wife and submissive in all the ways she's ever wanted.

Lust Unmasked
Lillith Payne

When inhibitions get lost behind masks, can lust at first sight turn into love everlasting?

The Angel
Eve Knight

She yearns for pleasure. He'll free her soul.

The Snow Job
Deborah Merrell

Creative and sexual sparks fly between rival advertising execs Sandra and Jerry.

Bound by Christmas
Owen Kennedy

All she wants for Christmas is her fantasy with him and she'll have him one way or another.

The Outlaws
Anna Leigh Keaton

Three cowboys, and a night she’ll never forget.

One Unexpected Night
Clarissa Yip
After years apart, one weekend and a spur of the moment seduction will give them a second chance.

A Murderous Weekend
Gillian Ferry

When fun turns to murder who can you trust?

In the Public Eye
Samara King

There's more way than to catch a fox, just ask Chicago's sexiest bachelor!

Naughty List
Willa Edwards
He's more than willing to grant every wish on her naughty little list.

Up On the Rooftop
Kienna Riley

This year Santa’s wrapped Sailor’s present in red, white and blue.

Snow Storm
Emily Moreton

Two men, one woman, a snowstorm and a mini-bar...
what could go wrong?

The Gangster's Wife
Gillian Ferry

Can D.I. Markson rescue Angel from her violent situation by posing as a male escort?

License to Thrill
Stephanie Ganon

Evelyn tries to forget her brief London fling, but Neil crosses the Atlantic to help her remember.

Katie's Choice
Rachel Clark

Two men, one woman. A difficult choice. Will Katie manage to rebuild her life?

The Highest Bidder
Kimberly Hunter

Being bought and paid for was the best day of his life.

Carlene Rae Dater

He's more than willing to give a girl a hand.

Chance Meeting
Marie Rochelle

Will she take a chance at love or let it to slip through her fingers?

Gillian Ferry

Crime, corruption, murder, and mind blowing sex... it's all in a day's work.

Party Favors
Ursula Whistler

Summer brings more than just heat for Dani when Guy comes to play.

The Park Rangers
Eve Knight

Trouble finds Julie. Her rescuers? Two rangers who might look the other way...if she cooperates.

Gillian Ferry

Trapped during a snow storm, she is desired by one man and stalked by another.

Shaken Vows
Joyce Palmer

 Passions burn as they both get a taste of what they've been missing.

Who's the Boss
Vanessa Devereaux

Sometimes it pays to be naughty at work.

Battered Hearts
Joyce Palmer

Two hearts tattered by the past begin to heal through new beginnings.

Secrets Kept
Laura O'Leone

A fake marriage could lead to a chance at real love.

According to Mark
Jackie Barbosa

She's the last woman he can have...and the only one he wants.

Shaping Beauty
Jamieson Wolf

Will he walk away from what his heart wants? 

The Wolfman
Madison Layle

A sexy, naked wolfman brings Penny's wilder fantasies to life.

The Kiss Test
Lucianne Rivers

Sometimes being graded is a pleasure.

Just Breathe
Anna Leigh Keaton

Happily ever after never crossed his mind—until she came into his life.

Get Branded
Kaye Spencer

Sometimes the best prize comes in a hard-bodied romance cover model package.

The School Reunion
Gillian Ferry

Jane intends to give Peter the school reunion of his dreams.

Love Burns
R.W. Shannon

It's his family or his life... miracles do happen. Even for vampires.

Halloween Wish
Lyric James

Her fantasy. His wish. Will it be enough for forever?

Ghosts of Christmas Past
Jamieson Wolf

With a little holiday magic, even a ghost can find love...

Dinner for Two
Deanna Lee

A chance meeting leads to a night of passion between two neighbors.
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