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Breaking in Levi by Ann Cory
ISBN: 1-60088-007-X

Good girl Victoria places her trust with a tall, dark stranger in the hope of finding her stolen car. Little does she know that bad boy Levi is a wanted man with a warrant out for his arrest.

The only date Levi is looking for is with revenge, but finds an unexpected detour in the high maintenance beauty and her designer clothes. 

While Levi focuses on his plan for personal justice, Victoria realizes the thrill and freedom of danger. Life on the run can’t be too bad, especially when a pair of handcuffs lead to a night of ultimate seduction.

Read an Excerpt
Content: Erotic Romance
This title contains explicit language.
Cover Art: Sable Grey
   Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary
About the Author

"Ann Cory writes a short but very powerful story with Breaking in Levi. I was so engrossed that I forgot the time and couldn’t put the book down. The sex scenes were so hot, that I found I was fanning myself."

5 Angels- Moonluster, Fallen Angel Reviews

"This is a hot little number with some exciting and unexpected sensuality. I recommend it; but read it with an ice bucket at hand!"

5 Stars- Annie, Euro Reviews

"BREAKING IN LEVI is a fun romp blended with serious overtones. Levi has a quick wit combined with a droll dialogue, both of which kept me smiling. At the same time, I found myself sympathizing with him over the hand dealt to him by fate. His strength and determination to directly tackle injustices had me cheering him on to the very end. After reading such a charming story, I will be watching for more offerings by Ms. Cory"

Jolie Dreyson, Romance Junkies

"Breaking in Levi is a great read, with two strong characters looking for a chance at life. Victoria is used to being pampered and isn’t quite sure initially what to make of Levi. Levi is not willing to cut her any slack, whether it is riding a bike in a skirt, sleeping under the stars, or skinny-dipping under his watchful eye. I found Breaking in Levi to be a quick read, but a very satisfying one. Recommended for anyone looking for a bad boy to have a little fun with!"

Shannon, Joyfully Reviewed

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