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Midnight Whispers by Anisa Damien
ISBN: 1-60088-032-0
Joie couldn't be more surprised to find out that she is the “Lion's” prime candidate for his little game of seduction. Soon his sensual instructions are her undoing and Joie backs away from what could be the start of a sexual addiction.

Leo Tobias was back home - Houston and to Joie, leaving his life behind as an undercover Narcotics detective behind. The one thing he's held on to is his sexy memories of having Joie in his life and in his bed. And now, he's decided that their friends-with-benefits relationships was never enough.
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Content: Erotic Romance
This title contains explicit language.
Cover Art: Sable Grey
   Length: Tryst
Genre: Contemporary/Interracial
About the Author
"This was a great book. The mystery surrounding the Lion was flawless. The setting for the book is so well described, I felt like I was in Houston all over again. The interaction between Joie and her friends are captured perfectly. I cannot wait for another book from Anisa Damien."

4 Cups- Tonjasturn, Coffee Time Romance

"Midnight Whispers corrupts the imagination with a seductive game of cat and mouse, without the mouse being aware of the trap. Devilishly sensuous, I loved the way that Leo tried to seduce Joie back into his arms and his life, and Joie's determination not to fall for a faceless stranger whose voice is the only thing she can be certain of.  Buy your copy of this amazing book today and experience this sensual delight first hand."

4 Stars- Sheryl, Ecataromance

"Midnight Whispers by Anisa Damien is a charming, sexy story that will quickly raise your body temperature a few degrees. The plot contains a love story between an interracial couple that I couldn’t help but find irresistible. There were times where I totally forgot the ethnic differences between the couple because they were so well matched for one another. I applaud Ms. Damien for making me pay less attention to that factor by focusing more on them as an amorous couple. The chemistry between Leo and Joie was electrifying and hot to the touch. Their passionate sexual encounters were deliciously naughty and highly erotic. I was rapidly fanny trying to cool my flaming, blushing face. This quick read was so fascinating that I could not put it down until I read the very last words. This is another great story by Ms. Damien that I am sure readers will enjoy."

4 Angels- Contessa, Fallen Angel Reviews

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