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Gunslingers & Ghostriders
A.L. Debran
Ghostriders, guns, and gold—Will her love save his soul?
The Highwayman
Emily Veinglory
Once a heart is stolen it can never be given back.
Lonely Places
A.L. Debran
Two men, one woman, and her forgotten past---who stays and who leaves?
The Mail Order Bride
Diana Bold
She wanted a husband and family-- all he wanted was peace.
Nobody's Hero- Cover Art
Nobody's Hero
Diana Bold

Talon would do anything to save his crew - even seduce his sister-in-law.
Savannah's Hero - Cover Art
Savannah's Hero
Diana Bold

Will her secrets give Tristan Kane hope, or destroy him forever?
A Knight in Halcyon
A Knight in Halcyon
Diana Bold

Will he give up everything he's ever known for love?

The Ice Princess
Lillith Payne

Can a sheltered princess and a lusty Viking Captain find passion in a marriage of necessity?

Tascryn: Surviving Synn
L. Shannon

To get home, Tarvyn needs sex to regain his strength and he’s found the perfect volunteer…

Hired Hands
Sable Grey

He fell in love with a woman that shouldn't be his.

The Spying Maid
Lillith Payne

Neither is prepared for the mysterious erotic journey they're destined to share.

Carnally Ever After
Jackie Barbosa

All she wanted was a husband who desired her.

The Virgin Widow
Lillith Payne

Can Serena change the course of destruction set for them both?

Something Wild
Sable Grey

Something wild is stalking through London and only one man can stop the killings.

Lovely Deception
Lillith Payne
Jealousy never entered his life until he shared Nina with another man.

Snow Angel
Diana Bold

Bethany receives the best Christmas present of her life – an outlaw’s love.

The Black Orchid
Diana Bold

Sometimes love is the greatest adventure of all.

Jamieson Wolf

Valentine will have to free his heart and face death in order to become the man of legend…

The Viking Savior
Lillith Payne

One night of sensual exploration and passion will change her life forever.

Secret Wishes
Catherine Stang

This Christmas she'll find out exactly how far she will go in the name of love.

Comrades in Arms
Jackie Barbosa

Two men, one woman, and a passion that breaks all the rules
Valentine's Labyrinth
Jamieson Wolf

Valentine will have to make the ultimate sacrifice… for love.

Gabriel's Mistress
Diana Bold
Can she convince him to keep her forever?

A Midnight Clear
Mary O'Connor

A charming rogue needs a widow’s love to save his soul.

Ride The Lightning
Rebecca Goings

Can she save his life in the past to give him a future with her?

What I Want
Rebecca Goings
He knows what he wants - and he's gonna get it.
Cheyenne Moon by Diana Bold
Cheyenne Moon
Diana Bold

Can her gentle love tame his savage heart?

Heaven Sent
Rebecca Goings

This Christmas he'll get a gift--straight from Heaven.

Lies and Seduction
Victoria Black

If she was a spy, then her sweet body was his for the taking.

Charlotte's Brides: Vivian
Sable Grey
She'll give him everything if he's willing to play for keeps.

The Fall of Jericho
Rebecca Goings

Is her love strong enough to pull down the walls around his heart?

Charlotte's Brides: Danielle
Sable Grey

She gets more than she bargained for in his bed and in their arranged marriage.

Shared Legacy
Mary Davenport

Can two men and a night of unbridled passion give her what she desires most?

A Forced Marriage
Mary Davenport

He drove a hard bargain and gained her body at a price, but could he win her heart?

Pirate's Treasure
Sarah Barimen

Miriam saves her sister from a pirate, and loses her heart.

Forever Again
Matilda Madison

Can they find the love they promised each other forever again?

Caught in the Act
Vanessa Devereaux
She only has one way out be bedded and pleasured all night long.

Fate, Chance and Luck
Sarah Barimen

Chance throws Jocelyn into the enemy's loving arms.

Double Her Pleasure
Vanessa Devereaux

It's said he pleasures women like no other man...Ava's about to discover just how true that is.

Charlotte's Brides: Sophie
Sable Grey

The pleasure of women is his business but one taste of his new assistant will leave him breathless.

The Earl's Reluctant Captive
Matilda Madison

Will an undeniable passion between them get the better of them both?

Caribbean Heat
Sandra Sookoo

Tropical heat is no match for what brews between them.

What the Lady Wants
Vanessa Devereaux
A chance meeting gives Fiona a night of unforgettable passion.

Briony's Soldiers
Diana Bold

The only thing better than one sexy soldier, is two!

Forget Me Not
Diana Bold

What will Susannah do when Josh regains his memory?

Tempest Moon
Sable Grey

Can they resist the passion that storms their hearts or will they give into the will of his wolf?

The Captain's Revenge
Matilda Madison

Can she keep her darkest secret in the face of his desire for vengeance?

First Love, Second Chance
Matilda Madison

Will love mend these two brokenhearted and betrayed souls.

Cloaked in Moonlight
Sable Grey

She accepts his passion but will she deny his baser nature?
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