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Vali's Curse
L. Shannon
Only the gods knew if her blessing was stronger than his curse.

A Sorcerer's Pleasure
Olivia Starke

Evelyn is rescued by a man who ups the kink factor in her life.
A Knight in Halcyon
A Knight in Halcyon
Diana Bold

Will he give up everything he's ever known for love?

The Magician
Josée Renard

One night of great sex with a stranger turns into a lifetime of magic.
It Happened One Christmas Eve
Jodici Belle
One elf will go all the way to full a Christmas wish.

Tascryn: Surviving Synn
L. Shannon

To get home, Tarvyn needs sex to regain his strength and he’s found the perfect volunteer…

The Ice Princess
Lillith Payne

Can a sheltered princess and a lusty Viking Captain find passion in a marriage of necessity?

Time and Again
Anna Leigh Keaton

He’s found his soul mate. She refuses to let herself believe.

Piers Anthony

He'll do anything to please the Queen of Hearts

The Sheikh's Concubine
Nadia Aidan

A spirited beauty battles the desires of her body and the passion of a prince.

Into the Light
Didi Aquino

A leap of faith will bring love and happiness to two scarred magical souls

Anna Leigh Keaton

If fairy tales come true, then Tina’s found the magic in Aislan.

For Now and Always
Stella Berkley

Can Keeta's love transcend the lies that would keep her from her mate?

Banana Beach
Summer Alan

The one time she'd ever let herself imagine her wildest fantasy could be her last.

Woodland Magic: Mated
Anna Leigh Keaton

Two fae males made her whole…now she needs magic to be their mate.

Midnight Hour
Anna Leigh Keaton
& Madison Layle

He binds her body. She binds his heart. Learn what really happened at the ball.

Midnight Moon
Anna Leigh Keaton
& Madison Layle

He’s determined to discover her secrets…no matter what it takes.

Midnight Mine
Anna Leigh Keaton
& Madison Layle

She wants independence. He wants her heart. Both are threatened by a poisonous blend of family interference.

Midnight Deal
Madison Layle &
Anna Leigh Keaton

The youngest Princeton returns to Everland but never expected to fall for a farmer’s daughter.

Death Takes a Holiday
Morgan Sierra

One hot night with a mysterious woman might be more then he bargained for.
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