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To Serve and Protect 1:
Five Alarm Neighbor by Anna Leigh Keaton
 ISBN: 1-60088-000-2
Gracie Terrence has lived next door to firefighter Steve Sheldon for two years.  She’s lusted after his hot body since day one, but Steve is a taken man.  Gracie is no home wrecker and keeps her fantasies locked safely behind closed doors.  Besides, all she wants is one hot night with him.

After getting dumped by his fiancée, Steve decides it’s time to have a little fun with Gracie.  She makes his blood heat.

But when one night turns to two, and emotions complicate their simple affair, can they survive the inferno of their growing love?

Read an Excerpt
Content: Erotic Romance
This title contains explicit language.
Cover Art: Sable Grey
   Length: Novella 
Genre: Contemporary
About the Author
The story of Gracie and Steve is a very enjoyable one with a lot of heat. Gracie and Steve are both very likeable people.  I loved this story and look forward to more books by Ms. Keaton”
Ellen Bunch, Road to Romance
"Five Alarm Neighbor is aptly titled as the lead characters definitely ignite the pages.  The motivation of each character easily comes across and makes both Steve and Gracie immensely likeable characters. The intensity of their attraction is wonderful to experience.  Ms. Keaton moves the plot along nicely and intersperses friendship, passion, and conflict so well that readers will be sad to turn the last page. Well done!"
4 Angels- Amanda, Fallen Angel Reviews
"The sex in this book is red-hot, modern, and extremely realistic. Ms Keaton has written two very strong-minded characters that I can visualize very easily. The dilemma each faces as they work through the minefield they find themselves in is one I personally identify with, and I am sure others will too."
4 Cups- Coffee Time Romance
"Anna Leigh Keaton penned a unique take on a-sexy-firefighter-next-door story using realistic and modern dialogue. Because the main characters are assertive and at times resist overwhelming feelings for each other, the tension crackles. If you enjoy hot as fire stories in which interesting chemistry between the heroine and hero practically comes off the pages, then Five Alarm Neighbor is for you."
4 Flags-Karen, Euro-Reviews
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