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Butterfly Kisses by Ann Cory
ISBN: 1-60088-023-1
With the love and support from her fiancé, Bryan, Charlene prepares for an important swim competition. Another win and she goes to the Olympics. Nothing prepares her for the tragedy that follows.
Charlene awakens in the hospital, unable to feel her legs or remember what happened. News from the doctor is anything but good, and her Olympic dreams slip away. Bryan refuses to leave her side and will do anything to raise her darkening spirits.
More than her desire to swim again, Charlene yearns to feel Bryan’s signature butterfly kisses grace along her inner thighs. 
Read an Excerpt
Content: Erotic Romance
This title contains explicit language and BDSM elements.
Cover Art: Sable Grey
   Length: Tryst
Genre: Contemporary/Light BDSM
About the Author
"The beauty of this story is the fluid words that grace the pages, spelling out the relationship of two wonderful characters that explore the sexual side of BDSM, combined with fully realized love that is tested by the tragedies of life. This story will get under your skin and will stay with you long after the book is closed. Do not hesitate to put Butterfly Kisses at the top of your TBR pile today! This book is outstanding and a keeper!"

Janalee Ruschhaupt, Paranormal Romance Reviews

"Butterfly Kisses chronicles one woman’s struggle to regain her life and restore her dreams after suffering a debilitating injury. Charlene is a plucky and compelling character, one with a verve and sparkle about her that fairly leaps off the page. This story runs the gamut of emotions, from sexy to poignant and back, bringing readers into feelings of compassion and arousal. Themes of dominance, submission, anal sex and oral sex are openly portrayed in a very steamy, very graphic manner. Bryan is truly a prince among men, and his caring and concern for Charlene is a wonderful thing to see, not to mention his sexy bedroom games."

4 Angels- Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews

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