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Lyric James
Lyric credits her mother for her love of reading.  (Thanks, Mom!)

She spent her early childhood trying to pry romance novels off her mothers face.  One day, she got so fed up with it, she asked her mother to tell her about the book she was reading.  She was so enthralled, she took that book from her mother; read it in one sitting….and has been hooked ever since.  She refuses to tell anyone how long ago that was. 

As a youth, she wanted to be a doctor, dentist, nurse, teacher, or physical therapist.  Instead, she ended up working for a health insurance company, a visiting nurse association, a therapy center for children and a television station.  After finally deciding what she wanted to be when she grew up, she decided to be a librarian.  For the past two years, Lyric has spent her days with 13-14 year olds in a middle school library. 

Lyric still felt something was missing.  After surfing the web and finding eHarlequin…she knew it was time for her to finally pick up that pen….um keyboard and start to write.  In 2003, her first manuscript….after several re-writes of chapter 1…began.

Lyric’s private book collection includes her favorite authors:  Catherine Coulter, Julia Quinn, Amanda Quick, Nora Roberts, Mia Zachary, Jodi Lynn Copeland, Jaci Burton, E. Lynn Harris, Dr. Suess, Barbara Park, Eoin Colfer, Jenny Nimmo, Lemony Snickett, J.K. Rowling, and John Grisham. 

Lyric is a proud member of DARN-IT. (That's Dedicated Aspiring Romance Novelists - In Training.) <grin>

She lives in the southern United States with her husband, and three children.
Lyric James
They needed to find a killer and found love along the way.
One Day At A Time
Lyric James
To find love, all you need is one day at a time.
One Week Stand
Lyric James
Can Evan convince Jasmine to turn their one night into forever?
A Thin Line
Lyric James
How thin is the line between love and lust?

The Promise of Forever
Lyric James

A new life. A new job. One man offering the promise of forever.

The Secret Santa Project
Lyric James

On a holiday he hated, the last thing he expected was a sexy Secret Santa.

Simply Decadent I:
A Gift of Chocolate
Lyric James

A magic elixir. A gift of chocolate. Valentine’s Day will never be the same.

The Pleasure Club:
The Principal
Lyric James

A crush turns into a wicked fantasy come true.

The Vampire Oracle:
Lyric James

Destined to be together, not even a killer can keep them a part.

Halloween Wish
Lyric James

Her fantasy. His wish. Will it be enough for forever?

The Masseur
Lyric James
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