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Josee Renard
Josée Renard writes women’s fiction, magic realism, paranormal and erotica. She writes short fiction, poetry and novels. Josée blames her good friend Anna Leigh Keaton for getting her into writing erotica – she loves Anna Leigh’s books and wanted to try one herself. She blames her mother and her two grandmothers for her reading and writing obsession – all of them were avid readers and they passed the books and the obsession on to her.
Also writes as Kate Austin

The Demon Next Door: Morteza
Josée Renard
A threesome discovers that one night of passion and love should be forever.

The Chef
Josée Renard

Silk, handcuffs and cinnamon – the recipe for a most erotic night.

Working IT
Josée Renard

Not just the workout is hard when Michael and Jamie clash at the gym.

The Dressing Room
Josée Renard

Buying a new suit should always be so hot.

The Demon Next Door: Navid
Josée Renard

Can a demon and a human find love for Christmas? When Navid and PJ meet, the answer is absolutely yes.

Winter Warming
Josée Renard

Montana winters – and Jude’s past – are bitter but sexy Rory will protect her from both.

The Magician
Josée Renard

One night of great sex with a stranger turns into a lifetime of magic.

That's What Friends Are For
Josee Renard

Part Time Lovers – where you can hook up with the right person for right now.

Treat Myself
Josee Renard

Two gorgeous guys, one fascinated woman, one hot evening.

Kiss Lonely Goodbye
Josee Renard

 For Annabelle, losing a bet means regaining her joy in sex – and finding Sam.

Josee Renard

Years apart haven’t changed anything – he still craves Mercy beyond reason.

Knocks Me Off My Feet
Josee Renard

Two gorgeous guys, one fascinated woman makes for one hot night.

Living for the City
 Josee Renard

She needs a Master and he can’t wait to give her exactly what she’s asking for.

For Your Love
Josee Renard

They find more than they’d counted on when their bodies clash and minds meet.

It's Not Unusual
Josee Renard

Samantha, Dee and Mike turn the sexual temperature up, way up.

If It's Magic
Josee Renard

Room 1217, two ghosts from the past, and their sexual awakening.

What Christmas
Means to Me
Josee Renard

They’re all at the Christmas party and they’re all hot, hot, hot.

Enchanted Spring
Josee Renard

Their attraction is fuelled by magic – the combination is combustible.

Bound by Passion
Josee Renard

Red, White, & Blue
Josee Renard

Making History
Josee Renard
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