Temptation by Mia Petrova

I must have finally drifted off to sleep because loud knocks on my door startled me awake. As it sounded important, I made a run to the unknown person that had invaded my sleep. What I didn’t expect was to find Caleb at my doorstep in the middle of the night.

“Y-yes? Do you need something?” I asked with a trembling voice while hugging my body, trying without success to hide how uncomfortable I was for wearing my pajamas in front of him.

Caleb’s fingers wrapped around my throat, covering my skin with an ice-cold hand. He’d moved so fast, there hadn’t been a warning, a bit of time for me to flee. I tried to scream, but his hold on my neck grew tighter. I could hardly breathe when he leaned down and locked his stare to mine. The redness in his eyes made me more terrified than I already was. I scratched his arm with my nails in a failing attempt to get him to let me go, but all it did was make him mad, make his eyes glow a horrifying scarlet.

“You don’t want to fight,” he whispered, his voice soft and alluring. The moment his voice invaded my mind, my muscles started to fail, and suddenly I couldn’t move an inch, even though I desperately wanted to, need to so I could get away from him. “That’s right. You’re mine now, Lena” he murmured, showing me the fangs inside his mouth. When I saw fangs, I was sure I was only dreaming, but it felt so real.

His hand left my throat, but my body was not my own. I still couldn’t move. He leaned down even more and licked my neck. Then he clasped my body tightly against his.

As suddenly as Caleb had grabbed me, he was yanked away and thrown down the stairs. I was left behind, standing in my pajamas with a body that I couldn’t move. All I could do was stand there, listening to the fight taking place on the second floor of my motel.

I heard voices and screaming and cursing. Minutes later, glass broke, which I quickly assumed it was the second floor window. There was silence for a few moments, but seconds later, I heard quick footsteps coming towards me.

My heart was beating so fast and my blood felt so hot, that I thought I would pass out from terror. But the person who came up the stairs wasn’t Caleb. Thank God!

He was someone I hadn’t seen before.

I would definitely remember this man if he’d ever passed before my eyes. The darkness made his features look bolder and hotter. He was tall and elegant, his hair short and obscure, and his eyes were so bright they looked like blue diamonds. He was massive, solid muscle, yet his skin was oh, so pale, as if he wasn’t human at all.

He glistened strength.

His beauty enthralled me.

Sensation returned to me, I could feel my fingers right before a tingling overtook my skin. The moment I realized I could move my muscles again, my vision blurred and my limbs were as heavy as lead. My knees failed me, which made me think I would fall flat on my face, but large male hands found my waist and the back of my neck. In a blink of an eye, the beautiful stranger was holding me.

“It’s ok, I got you,” he said gently. “I got you, Lena,” he whispered, taking a step forward and mashing our bodies together in a way that took my breath away.

An involuntary gasp escaped my throat, drawing his attention to my lips. Even though my current situation was so surreal it made my mind spin, one thing I was certain of: I’d never been held like this before. This gently.

How could his features look so fierce and rough at the same time that his touch felt as if I were made of glass? He was marvelous, a beast of a man, and I was in his arms. I felt incredibly special and safe in his presence, even though I didn’t know anything about him. I felt like the lead female character of one of my beloved books.

His gaze was still stuck in my lips, as if he were measuring them, desiring them.

Wait, certainly not desiring them.

I was not a desirable woman, definitely not desirable by what seemed to be an impeccable man. Sure, I was blonde, my eyes were those cute baby blues, but that didn’t mean assured beauty. My hair was a dirty blonde, so messy that I couldn’t even brush it right. A one-side braid was my only style, even for sleeping, which I was using at this exact moment. I was considered tall, but my breasts weren’t big. The only thing I was proud of was my flat stomach. Despite all my thoughts though, the mysterious man was close enough to kiss the lips he continually gazed at.

I took a deep breath, which made me think it was going to be the end of me. His scent was so strong and addictive that I could smell it forever, which was sweat intertwined with that incredible man smell. My heart began to beat so strongly I wondered if he could hear it.

My vision blurred.

I saw stars in his eyes before I blacked out.


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