Pandora's Box by Jude Liebermann

Pandy Baxwell stared at the contents of the box in bewildered surprise. At first she could only blink before reading the card again.



Happy Birthday, sweetie. Put on what’s in the box and then go to our bedroom.

Be sure to fasten the blindfold before going inside.

With love,



A lump formed in her throat as she reached for the blindfold and set it aside, then she scooped up the sheer black thong and matching lacey corset. Pandy had never worn anything like it before and wasn’t sure she ever wanted to. Her hesitant gaze shifted to the hallway that led to the room she shared with Brian. They’d been together for just over a year, and he had never surprised her with anything other than roses.

Pandy looked back at the corset, which would barely contain her ample breasts. As she again looked at the skimpy thong, her legs gave out, and she slumped into the plush cushions of the suede leather couch. She could barely remember the last time she had sex. They both led very busy lives and were usually too exhausted by the time they collapsed into bed. She didn’t really mind, since she would usually masturbate in the shower to relieve the stress. That was normally the only way she could come anyway since their sex life had never been adventurous. She had gotten used to no foreplay, trying to bury the resentment of his reluctance to go down on her. Pandy sometimes wondered what might have happened had he admitted that fact before she fell in love with him.

Sighing deeply, she leaned back into the cushion and crossed her arms over her chest. She knew Brian awaited her in their room. He specifically told her to call his cell when she was ten minutes from home. She expected a surprise party, not a lone wrapped present on the coffee table.

The black silk blindfold seemed to beckon to her as she reached out to grasp it with trembling fingers. What surprises did he have awaiting her in the bedroom? Butterflies erupted in her stomach at the endless possibilities. Would he give her a sensual massage with edible lotion? A smile crept across her lips at the pleasant thought.

Her phone going off distracted her from her fantasy. He was probably getting anxious waiting for her. She grabbed the phone and read the three-word text: Where are you?

She replied that she was on her way and kicked off her shoes, leaving them beneath the coffee table. The sexy lingerie and blindfold dangled from her fingers as she made her way to the guest bathroom to change.

A few minutes later, Pandy stood outside her bedroom and stared at the blindfold. She’d been half tempted to wear a robe over her outfit but managed to resist the urge. After all, Brian had seen her naked plenty of times. Holding her breath, she listened for any sound from within the room. All she could hear through the door was softly played music.

“Don’t forget to put on the blindfold, honey.”

She flinched upon hearing his muffled reminder. It surprised her that he knew she stood there. Nodding, she reached up to secure the silk over her eyes, before searching for the doorknob and turning.

A hand gently gripped her arm as soon as she stepped into the room. Her head instinctively turned toward him, but the blindfold did its job superbly. She couldn’t see a thing. “Brian?”

“Don’t be nervous. This will be fun.”

She let out a nervous chuckle. “If you say so.”

He laughed and caressed her arm. “I’m going to lead you to the bed, OK?”

A nod was her only response as she swallowed the lump in her throat. She knew she shouldn’t be afraid, but she had never wanted to be blindfolded. Brian knew that, so she could only hope he was right about whatever he had planned being fun.

“I knew you would look hot in that outfit, Pan. I want to rip that thong off with my teeth.”

She couldn’t hold back the smile at his sexy comment. “Well, I wish I could see how you look. How long do I have to wear this thing?”

“Not long, I promise.”

Brian helped her to the bed and positioned her near the headboard. She could feel all the soft pillows placed there and sank into them. Warm hands began to stroke her arms as the smell of sage filled the room. She sighed with pleasure as the hands moved to her breasts, freeing them from the corset. Her nipples tightened as they were teased and massaged. A hot mouth licked and then sucked one deeply. Pandy moaned and arched her back. The now hot hands moved down to her stomach and hips.

The bed creaked as he joined her on the bed, and she sucked in her breath as the crotch of the thong was pushed aside. A thick finger entered her body as another massaged her clit. Her thighs fell open as a jolt of pleasure flowed through her. The finger in her pussy stroked in and out, massaging her inner walls. Before she could comprehend what had happened, a mouth replaced the finger on her clit. Her eyes flew open to blackness, reminding her of the blindfold. She moaned in pleasure, wanting to tear it off, wanting to watch her lover eating her.

“Oh, Brian, please!” Her hand went to the blindfold, but a strong arm stopped her.

“Not yet, sweetie.” His voice was strained and husky with passion.

As her mind could not process anything but what that hot mouth was doing to her clit, her hand fell away to grip a handful of the sheet beneath her. Her pelvis moved up to the open mouth above it, wanting to feel those lips and tongue more fully. He licked and stroked her clit, while his finger continued to stroke within her pussy. She could feel the pressure begin to mount, and her hands searched for the head between her thighs.

Her fingers reached his hair just as the orgasm erupted. She came fast and hard, yelling out her passion. She felt the long strands of hair in her hand, but it took several moments before she realized something was wrong. Brian had short hair.

Her body shuddered, and her breaths came in gasping heaves as she slowly reached up to pull the blindfold down. It settled around her neck as her mouth fell open in shock. A total stranger lay between her thighs, his face wet from her juices. Her gaze shifted to Brian, who sat on the edge of the bed beside her. It was then that she realized he couldn’t have grabbed her hand earlier had he been the one going down on her. She then realized that too many hands had massaged her as well, but her mind didn’t immediately comprehend it. Brian looked both nervous and horny. She could see his hard cock saluting her from his hairy crotch.

The stranger moved away to crouch at the foot of the bed, and her gaze dropped to his fully erect dick. Pandy let out her breath as she noted the several inches he had on Brian. She then finally focused on his face and marveled at his good looks. He was absolutely dreamy. Her thoughts sank to the gutter as she wondered if he could fuck as well as he could suck. The inappropriate thought brought her to her senses as modesty finally took hold. She made sure the thong covered her as she adjusted the corset.

“What is going on, Brian?”

“He’s your present. Happy birthday, Pandy.”

“My present?” she repeated numbly, blinking a few times as she tried to absorb that statement. “You mean you hired him?”

When he nodded, she inhaled sharply and looked at the man who had so expertly eaten her pussy, giving her more pleasure than she had ever experienced. He smiled at her, and she felt herself getting even wetter. She couldn’t admit it out loud, but she wanted to fuck him. “Was that all you paid him to do?” She hoped her voice didn’t betray her lust.

When he didn’t answer, Pandy finally looked at Brian to see him silently shake his head.


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