Put Me in My Place by Lush Jones

“I just finally had enough.”

Rye, who at six-foot-three was much taller than Bryan, raised an eyebrow. Rye had short brown hair and deep, bourbon-colored eyes and a wicked sense of humor. Bryan hated Rye. Bryan was five-foot-eight and laughed at almost nothing.

“I don’t know why you didn’t dump him sooner,” Rye said. “You could have had me.”

But Bailey just laughed. “Right. I wouldn’t want to get in the way of the bevy of blondes lining up at your door. But you’re right about Bryan, he was an ass. I guess it just took this whole bondage thing for me to realize who he really was.”

“You can tie me up anytime.” Rye winked.

“Very funny. Look, if it was just him wanting to experiment once in a while, I’d have been up for it. But Bryan was a jerk even without the whips and chains.”

Rye opened his eyes wide and whispered, “Bryan had whips and chains? Did he have his own dungeon, too?” Then he sat up straighter and said in a normal voice, “Any man who needs that shit when he has you is certifiable. And I think Bryan might really be crazy, so you might want to be careful. Crazy people don’t always take rejection well.”

“Not Bryan,” Bailey protested. “I think he crossed such a line last night he’s probably still in shock. Maybe this will turn out to be good for him, force him to get his shit together.”

Rye sighed. “I hope you’re right. But if he bothers you again, let me know, okay?” He looked right into her hazel eyes, and Bailey nodded.

Rye watched as Bailey walked back to her cubicle, her curly auburn hair and petite gymnast figure tormenting him as usual. What the fuck did she see in that guy? He sighed, wishing he was the one spending evenings plundering Bailey’s body. He sure as hell wouldn’t have wasted the time playing Dungeon Master. He could think of quite a few better things to do to her, none of which required any props beyond their unclothed bodies. Ah, Bailey naked. He gritted his teeth, forcing himself to stop daydreaming before his erection became office gossip.

As for Bryan, Rye would very much like to tie him up to a bedpost in his underwear, put a Santa hat on his head and post the pictures to Facebook.

But Bailey already said no.


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