Midnight Lover by Mia Petrova

Why am I here, again? I was completely lost in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. I had a guide and a group of tourists with me, but for some stupid reason I got distracted by a tremendous, gorgeous butterfly, and then they were gone. Simple as that. I was trying desperately not to freak out, but with every minute that passed by, my heart grew heavier and my throat tightened.

I was not going to cry. I was not going to cry.

I couldn’t even believe that I had left the comfortableness of my home in Washington, D.C. to show my parents that I could be an adventurous person. I wanted to prove something to them, and now the sun was going down and twilight was taking over. I was entirely alone in a place I knew nothing about.

The rainforest was so humid and uncomfortable that I wondered how I had managed to stay very long. This place was nothing like me, at all. My shorts and my white shirt were damp, my entire body ached, and my bottle of water was almost running out. I was twenty-six years old, and I felt like I did the day I had lost my parents in the supermarket when I was seven. Even though I didn’t want to feel this way, I felt like a lost little girl trying by all means to find the way home.

Before the darkness could take over my surroundings, I found a big tree trunk lying on the ground, and I sat there. I wanted to find a cave or someplace that I could feel safe, but the ache in my chest was so intense that I had to sit down and reflect for a moment. But the exact second I sat down and looked up at the full moon, an unknown pain thrust its way to a very delicate place in my body. It felt as if someone had just touched my soul with a bare hand. Suddenly, I wasn’t just terrified, but I was in desperate need of another human being next to me. A male to be exact. Touching me. Possessing me. Which was strange, since I had recently broken up with my boyfriend, and the last thing I wanted was a man in my life.

The darkness wasn’t my friend. I wanted it to be, but that was impossible. I was a scared little thing in the middle of nowhere, trying to think of a way to get by. However, the sounds of the rainforest made my heart beat like drums every time I heard something—which was very often. The rainforest was alive. I could feel its breath every time the hot wind messed up my hair and touched my damp skin.

“I can’t believe how stupid I was,” I said to the sounds that haunted me.

I would never be able to sleep, and that thought alone left a salty taste in my mouth. Even though I had a backpack with me, it wasn’t very helpful. I had a few change of clothes, a few PowerBars, and a half empty bottle of water. I thought about walking around, trying to find a river or a lake, something, but I didn’t know if it was safe for me to drink it. I hated my situation, but I hated myself more for trying to be someone I clearly wasn’t.

“God damn it, why is this happening to me?” I cried when the loneliness took its toll and the ache between my thighs started to get really painful.

I got up, and with no thought at all I started running. Running as fast as I could, as if I were being chased and someone was there to kill me. As a result, I forgot my backpack. Everything I had was in there, but I had already run for so long that I didn’t know how to find my way back. The brightness of the full moon was my only light as I ran through the middle of the rainforest. Loud howls made me stop in my tracks; I took that time to ease my breathing and calm my heart, but that was difficult, since the howls only started to get louder and closer, as if a pack of wolves were coming to me. If being lost wasn’t enough, there was danger in this place that I couldn’t even imagine. At any second, at any turn, something could kill me. I wasn’t ready to die.

I tried to stay calm by hiding behind a tree. It didn’t work though as a massive, gray wolf found me and howled back to his fellow friends. It was like a warning; the others stayed far away, but I could still hear them nearby. The animal, which was surprisingly breathtaking, started to sniff my naked legs—a little shriek left my throat—and then, he began to lick them. I could feel he wouldn’t hurt me, but that didn’t make the fear go away, especially when that wolf started to transform into something else right there in front of me.

The sound of bones breaking was the worst part of it all. What made me forget all my fears and all the thoughts that crossed my mind, though, was the man that appeared in the place the wolf had once been. He was tall and muscular. I could be considered a child to someone looking far away. The man’s face was exceptional, beautiful, but his expression was deadly, rough. His hair was dark and short; his skin was light brown, which created a magical effect to his gray eyes. The most important fact was that he was very and completely naked. The moonlight only increased his appeal. It was hard for me to breathe by simply looking at him, imagine being touched by him…by such extreme beauty.

I closed my eyes for a few seconds, trying to get my head around the things that were happening to me, and trying to make my last thoughts disappear. That seemed to be impossible, since he opened his mouth and his voice started to soothe the incredible pain inside me.

“Who are you, and what are you doing in our land, woman?” the man’s husky voice sounded in the night.

“I-I d-didn’t know this was your land.” I hated myself for stuttering.

“That answer doesn’t help me, woman,” he said, lowering his head while hardly staring at me. I couldn’t walk backward, because my back was tight against the tree, leaving me helpless with the male’s proximity.

“I’m lost. Please, don’t…don’t hurt me.”

I had to look up to the heavens just to see his face, which made me believe that he could kill me by simply stepping on me. I guess he didn’t appreciate the height difference either, since his hands took hold of the back of my thighs and lifted me up, making me wrap my legs around his narrow waist. A gasp left my mouth when my core found his naked erection. I hadn’t even noticed the bulge before, which left me completely surprised how this was going. Suddenly we were face to face, lips to lips, hardness to softness.

“Your smell is definitely unique,” he stated, almost excited with the idea. His lips found my neck, and his tongue found my skin. “You taste sweet. Too sweet, like a sin.”

“Please,” I heard myself saying, but I didn’t know if I was pleading for my life or for him to touch me some more.

His hands were still on the back of my bare-naked thighs, since my shorts were, well, short. I couldn’t believe I was lost and a wolf had found me. An incredible wolf, it seemed. And his touch was all I wanted. All I needed. All I craved. I wasn’t alone and lost anymore; I had him.


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