Afternoon in the City by Jane New

The grandfather clock striking the hour in the downstairs hall set the rhythm for the wonderfully hard cock currently sliding in and out of Tracy’s pussy.

What a wonderful way to wake up in the morning. She adjusted herself a little to take Philip’s cock in more deeply. She had fallen asleep last night with her arse nestled comfortably in his crotch, after a pleasant and active evening in bed with her boss. Philip had lost the use of his legs after a car accident, but the rest of him worked just fine. Especially his long, slim cock, the head of which was currently brushing against her G-spot with every thrust.

It’s like he’s stroking me on the inside.

She lifted one leg and eased it over his, opening herself up to him. Wetting a couple of fingers with her own saliva, she reached between her legs to play with her clitoris, still tender from their fun last night. His cock nudged her fingers as she touched herself, exciting her even more.

Last night she had ridden him, her legs spread wide apart and her back arched. Philip loved for her to be on top. He played with her breasts, or held onto her arse, or stroked her thighs and used his thumb on her clit. Then he watched her face as she came, over and over again.

Speaking of coming, this orgasm wasn’t going to be long now. Philip’s hand on her hip held her in place while he plowed deeper into her, almost violent in his intensity. She pushed back onto him, wanting him deeper and harder.


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