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Snowbound by Susan Greene
ISBN: 1-60088-010-X

Jonah wanted nothing but quiet and solitude to work on his latest book.  He certainly had no plans to rescue a beautiful damsel in distress.  But when Katherine wrecks her car outside his cabin, he finds playing the knight-in-shining-armor may get him more than he bargained for.


Katherine longs for a man who can set her blood on fire.  She wonders if such a man exists…until she finds herself stranded in a remote cabin with the man of her romance-novel dreams.


What happens when a steamy, no-strings affair becomes the love of your life?

Read an Excerpt
Content: Sensual Romance
Also Available as in PRINT:
Snowbound by Susan Greene
Cover Art: Sable Grey
   Length: Full Novel
Genre: Contemporary
About the Author
"Greene easily draws the reader into this heartwarming story of love and self-discovery with many concepts with which readers can readily identify and connect to.  I found myself rooting for the characters and swept along into the story."
5 Pink Hats OFF Salute- Tracey, The Pink Posse
"Susan Greene’s Snowbound is an attention getter from the first word. Both Katherine and Jonah are complex, complicated individuals who are a step away from giving up on love. The two are able to form a quick, easy companionship that gives way to passion. The secondary characters are quite charming also and will captivate the reader. I enjoyed that Katherine and Jonah were willing to risk everything to give their relationship a chance."
5 Angels- Tewanda, Fallen Angel Reviews
"SNOWBOUND is a wonderful book, full of emotional ups and downs.  Romantic nights by the fire, cozy dinners for two, intimate conversations, and snowball fights all make for a great setting as Kate and Jonah fall in love.  Things get complicated as both want more from their brief affair but are hesitant to reach for it because of their respective fears.  Kate and Jonah are changed from the week they spent together and Kate makes some realizations that lend her the strength to turn her life around.   How they finally get what they want is an incredible journey.  Susan Greene’s SNOWBOUND easily holds readers’ attentions with her likeable characters, humor, and happily ever after!"
4 Blue Ribbons- Tracy Marsac, Romance Junkies
"Snowbound is an outstanding novel guaranteed to warm your heart on a cold winter’s night. Grab that box of tissue, your favorite blanket, and settle in front of your fire for a wonderful read!"
5 Clovers- Jennifer, ck2s Kwips and Kritiques
"Snowbound by Susan Greene blew me away; not only is it a wonderful love story, it is a tale of a couple finding themselves. Jonah struck me as the white knight type, only damn sexy. Their brief affair had me waiting to see what would happen next, and the curveballs, wow, powerful, unexpected and fun. The wacky members of Jonah’s family had me laughing out loud whenever they showed up. I loved Snowbound, and would recommend it to anyone as a beautiful story of finding the perfect soul mate. I can’t wait to see what Ms. Greene has to offer next."
Cerise, Joyfully Reviewed
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