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The Vampire Oracle: New Life by Cassandra Moore
ISBN:  978-1-60088-321-7
Sophia Chase made a mistake many years ago that she's tried desperately to forget. When she reads about the murders in the town nearby, she can't deny it any longer: the vampire she created has become a threat.

Kyle Madsen doesn't believe in vampires. He's devoted his career to disproving the old myths. When a serial killer strikes close to home, he believes the murders are the work of a psychotic human criminal driven by a demented mind.

But vampires believe in him. One wants him dead. The other is his only hope for a new life.
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Content: Erotic Romance
This title contains explicit language, graphic sex, and violence.
Cover Art: Sable Grey
 Length: Tryst
Genre: Vampire
About the Author
Key Words:
a new psychic awareness

This card represents a renewed sense of responsibility and the willpower to follow where fate leads.
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