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Neptune Rising by H.A. Fowler
 ISBN: 978-1-60088-103-9
Neptune Rising- Cover Art Kimber Andrews enjoys a quiet, uncomplicated life populated by fantasy men from her favorite movies and TV shows over the painful games dating real men requires. But it's another lonely Valentine's Day, and her witchy best friend offers a ritual 'guaranteed' to draw the man of her dreams. Kimber decides to give the innocent-looking ritual a shot--with shocking results.


When Kimber tears open a door to the demon underworld, making herself a target for any bloodthirsty creature looking for a quick meal, can sexy Guardian Hart Campbell overcome his own demon nature to keep her safe?
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Content: Erotic Romance
This title contains violence and explicit language.
Cover Art: Anne Cain
 Length: Tryst
Genre: Vampire/Dark Fantasy
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