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Lonely Places by A.L. Debran
 ISBN: 1-60088-016-9
Wounded and left to die on the Colorado plains, Elliotte Sorin is a woman with incomplete memories.  Beau Hyatt saves her life and she vows that with this handsome brooding man she will never be alone again.  As his gunfighter past intrudes into their lives, and his absences from her increase, her loneliness deepens. 
She turns to Liam Mederi and finds endless love in his welcoming arms and smiling green eyes.  Deadly jealousy rages when Beau questions the paternity of her unborn child and the two men meet in a violent confrontation that threatens to destroy more than one life.
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Content: Sensual Romance
This title contains mild violence.
Cover Art: Sable Grey
   Length: Full Length
Genre: Historical/Western
About the Author
"LONELY PLACES by A. L. Debran was often times heart wrenching. Elliotte’s intentions to have a family were honorable and I found myself aching for her and becoming confused at Beau’s offensive treatment. His love for his dead wife consumed him and did not allow his heart to open wide enough to admit anyone, much less Elliotte. When Liam came on the scene, my hope for Elliotte finally have a home and family once again surfaced.

LONELY PLACES kept my attention throughout. I stand amazed at the emotions this book drew out of me and look forward to going back and rereading it again. An often time sad but well written novel, LONELY PLACES is a quiet, satisfying read."

4 Blue Ribbons- Natasha Smith, Romance Junkies

"I found this a good read. Well plotted and thought out with unexpected twists and turns that kept me turning pages. The characters are real, and Ms. Debran writes them with a very real touch, warts and all. I found myself quite involved with the characters, and sympathetic to them, even in their worst moments. The ending left me hoping for a sequel. This is definitely one I would read again."

4 Cups- Meme, Coffee Time Romance

"As a fan of historicals and westerns, I am the first to grab one that has an interesting synopsis. Lonely Places promised intrigue, haunted souls, and action. I love it when a book comes through. A.L. Debran gave exactly what she promised: an interesting and exciting plot. Crafted with what seems the utmost of care, the triangle between Brett, Elliotte and Liam was so troubled all I could do was sit back and pray for a resolution with the least possible damage. This story shows how a relationship can be doomed to failure because the foundation it is built on from the beginning. Elliotte’s need for a connection created an environment that basically tore at the fiber of a family. Of course that doesn’t excuse either Brett’s or Liam’s behavior but it definitely made for great reading. This is a story that will tug at your heart for everyone involved. This is a good story and I am looking forward to future works by this author."

4 Angels- Rachelle, Fallen Angel Reviews

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