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Werekind 1: Crossing Borders by Cora Zane
 ISBN: 1-60088-012-6
A lonely howl in the night draws Laney Parker out of her cabin. Determined to warn the rogue werewolf away from her pack’s territory, she heads into the wilderness unprotected. Little does she know, old wounds are about to be opened, and she will soon be forced to revisit her heartbreaking past.
Two years have passed since Cole Holbrook was exiled from his pack. Now he’s back, determined to claim Laney as his mate, even if it means trespassing onto enemy territory to take her. Nothing will stop him. Not even his old rival--Laney’s pack leader brother, Seth.
Read an Excerpt
Content: Erotic Romance
This title contains violence and explicit language.
Cover Art: Sable Grey
   Length: Tryst
Genre: Werewolf/Shifter
About the Author
"Cora Zane has made a werewolf story of love to thrill any reader who loves Shapeshifter books, howl with both delight and sorrow and leaves you wanting the next part of this series to find out what happens next. I know Cora Zane will be on my TBR list."
4 Pink Hats OFF Salute- Tamara, The Pink Posse
"CROSSING BORDERS is the engaging debut from author Cora Zane. Ms. Zane has written well crafted, captivating characters; Laney, an innocent yet strong heroine and Cole, a hero who is pure alpha and willing to risk everything to claim what is his."
Desiree Gentle, Paranormal Romance Reviews
"Crossing Borders endeared itself to me from the first word.  A huge fan of werewolf tales, I was not disappointed. The story flowed and I could picture myself in those woods.  Good characterization, great fight scenes and hot loving, what more could a girl want? Crossing Borders whet my appetite for more novels by Cora Zane!"
Talia Ricci, Joyfully Reviewed
"The love between Cole and Laney was easy to see and very beautiful. Every decision the Cole and Laney made was for the benefit of the other. When Laney and Cole gave into their desires, the scene was very hot, but also very poignant."
4 Angels- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews
"CROSSING BORDERS had me on the edge of my seat and kept me there the entire time.  The love scenes are so hot, they had me turning up the a/c and running for the ice.  Cole is a total alpha male with plenty of attitude to prove it.  Laney is the intelligent heroine who intends to give him a run for his money and in the midst of it all is the feud that exists between the families.  Cora Zane has penned a tantalizing tale of werewolves and their quest for happiness that will have readers eagerly awaiting her next book."
4.5 Blue Ribbons- Angel, Romance Junkies
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